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​'Binary Movement' Charcoal and Colour Pencil Drawing WIP

Hiya guys, so unlike my usual conceptual artworks, this piece was started off with me having this awesome quality dark brown paper that I really wanted to It could have been anything, I wasn't looking to create anything more than perhaps a figurative piece alone, but the ideas started to roll as I started to source my imagery. Once I had a clear idea of what I wanted to say, the design flowed from there...
To save time and to ensure the paper did not get overworked, the figures were lightly traced on to the paper as a guide. I then went in with a charcoal pencil to get a good quality of line (line that shows light/shadow and a feel of the 3D form by how narrow/thick or strong the line is). I try to convey this through the contouring line alone, the shading etc.. comes secondary to this.. The quality of line is adjusted throughout...

The darkest darks were then established first, to help me get a handle on the overall tones of the piece and how far I would be going when…

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