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Original Sin Rebirth WIP

Hiya guys, it's coming to Christmas!Yay!.. Like many who were brought up with the tradition but who don't necessarily share the personal religious significance of the occasion anymore, it's still the best time of the year and all the joyful preparations that come with it.. 
With the celebration of the birth of one, I thought I'd write the WIP of a painting that represents the rebirth of another.

 I created this piece, to test out a new palette and technique that I was thinking of using for my next large painting. It too will have a silver metal leaf design and rather than the alla prima approach I often take I wanted to try out a more stylized crosshatch technique. (I later also tested this out in another tiny piece 'Testing DIY Silverleaf Sealant, Size & Colour Palettes'

With a basic idea on what elements was to be included, a little research on snakes (couldn't help it but, looking at multiple images of our otherworldly friends gave me the heebee gee…

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