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'Duality of Mind' Pastel and Colour Pencil WIP

This is quite a minimalist drawing using soft pastels ( a medium I hadn't used in the past decade before this!).  The composition was carefully constructed beforehand as it was to be The Most important and visible element in the piece ( even more than usual ) due to the minimalist design.
Canson Mi-Teintes (160g/m) was used, which is supposed to have the highest cotton content on the market (over 50%). It is popular among pastelists but it seems sanded paper is also a fav and better at holding more pastel layers. I really like the lovely Canson Mi-Teintes papers texture though and since most of the paper was going to be left untouched I decided I would sand just the parts that I would be drawing/painting with the soft pastel. I don't know if this is something that pastelists ever do but I did a few tests and it seemed to work well.

The 65x50cm Canson Mi-Teintes sheet was divided into two for the concept of the piece. Most of the paper was to be left untouched and any reworkin…

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