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Experimenting with Colour and Pattern

Vegvisir' was done in an effort to help me develop my eye for colour, painted in a rich, highly patterned technique.. The slight crosshatched patterned paint, a continuation of a style I've been exploring in previous works. However it was created after indulging in a bout of experimentation, playing with new ideas and approaches, and as a result, Vegvisir is visually, in colour and technique, very different from my recent works.

Preliminary Work
With a vague idea of what I wished to achieve, a few thumbnail colour studies were done first, to the test the look and best toned background hue for the piece..

After some brainstorming, conceptual inspiration was found that included a ready and willing model.. my faithful companion, Sherlock. :) As I am want to do, during the preliminary stages of a piece, research was done in to symbolism and philosophies that would be integral to the formulation of the concept and resultant composition of the piece. A symbol, I found quite intriguing, …

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