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The Dawning Light WIP

Hiya guys, I've got this awesome high octagon roof ceiling in my house that I've always wanted to paint ever since moving in. It's especially beautiful in the morning as the sunlight beams through the high windows above. From the earliest kindlings of light from passing traffic and the subsequent hours passing by there after, the beams move down, shifting, every moment is beautiful.  I wanted to create an amalgamation of all these moments in time and shifts of hue and tone in one piece somehow..
I have some yummy linen that I've been itching to use for the right project. So I decided to use some and reveal its lovely frayed edge texture in what I hope to be an interesting multilayered almost to abstraction piece.

Making the Support

I wanted some of the raw linen colour to show through in the final so a very diluted layer of gesso was applied first all over just to seal the support first. Then I went in with a few layers of undiluted gesso, applied with the final compo…

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