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Midnight Stars WIP

Hiya folks! Unlike my usual WIP's which are more straightforward with clearer intention in execution, I think you'll notice that this piece took a few twists and turns along its journey. Hopefully you'll still find something of interest as you follow me through my muddled way though!

It's only a small piece (don't ask me why I can't seem to stop myself from belabouring over a piece so small and insignificant) and though closer to something resembling what I'm looking for now, my feelings about it are quite conflicted to tell the truth. After 6 months of ruminating (and finally 'completing' it) I will have to move on.  I have always tried to reflect my journey in my posts as faithfully as possible, these uncertainties being an important part of it, which is why I am still posting this WIP. 

Ok, now that was a needlessly long 'foreword' to a blog post, lets finally get in to it..

Starting the Painting
This piece started of straight with painti…

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